Gabriel Cruz

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I’m Computer Scientist graduated from University of São Paulo (USP), in Brazil. I’m mostly interested Computer Systems Security, Computer Networks, Linux and Open Source Software development. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, Parkour (“Être et Durer”), learning French (currently C1), writing and destroying trailling spaces.


Major League Hacking

Pod Leader

Leading teams (pods) of 10 highly skilled fellows to contribute to Open Source projects. Pair programming, helping to find bugs and providing feedback through code reviews and technical training. In charge of the Fellowship Capture the Flag security competition

Major League Hacking

2020 MLH Fellow

Selected over 20.000 other candidates and sponsored by Github Education to contribute to Open Source projects. Fixed bugs, refactored code and implemented features to Flask, Golang, Wekzeug, Beego and Httpie. Instituted the Fellowship Capture the Flag security competition for fellows

Ganesh Security

Computer Networking Group Lead

Orchestrated over 15 Capture The Flag (CTF) challenges for the freshmen selection process regarding Computer Networks (Protocols, WiFi, Handshakes, etc.). Pioneered dozens of talks on topics such as DoS and MITM attacks, IP spoofing and Phishing techniques (HSTS hijacking and website cloning).

Quero Education

Software Engineering Intern

Developed a web application to generate real-time statistics and data visualization from a PostgreSQL database using Elixir's Phoenix web framework. Engineered SQL database queries using Elixir's Ecto database wrapper. Displayed the data using Google Charts. Deployed the application as a real-time statistics dashboard seen daily by everyone in the company

University of São Paulo

Teaching Assistant

Awarded a scholarship for working as a teaching assistant in the CS introductory course. Developed and graded coding assignments in C about fundamental programming concepts such as variables, pointers, functions, data structures and algorithms. Guided and helped in the learning process of more than 120 students.


University of São Paulo - Brazil

2016 - 2021

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Coursework: Algorithms and Data Structures, Databases and SQL, Computer Networks, Calculus, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Digital Systems, Computers Architecture, etc.

University of Western Brittany - France

January - September 2020

International Exchange Program

Invited Cybersecurity researcher on Social Engineering Attacks. Attended advanced (C1) French courses. Helped organizing several parties and visibility events for hundreds of people as part of the West-Up group for the LGBTQ+ community of Brest.

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Shell scripting and Vim workshop for more than 20 students at Universidade de São Paulo. Worked from the very basics to advanced shell scripting, interacting with processes, piping, redirecting, and variables. Integrated Vim as a powerful tool to the command-line and shell workflow.

Documentation (pt-BR)

IPv6 Workshop

IPv6 workshop for more than 30 students and professors at Universidade de São Paulo. Simulated realistic scenarios and developed practical exercices to reinforce the learning process. Covered topics such as history of the protocol, public vs private addresses, and unicast vs multicast addresses.

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DoS Workshop

Invited as head of the Computer Networks Security division at Ganesh to give a workshop Denial of Service (DoS) attacks workshop for more than 50 students at Brazil's largest Computer Science undergraduate event. Covered amplification techniques, botnets, peer-to-peer networks, TCP and UDP flooding, etc.

Slides (pt-BR)
Documentation (pt-BR)

Heroes Build Scrapper

Python web scraper for hero builds of the MOBA game Heroes of the Storm which automatically gets content from a website displays it in-game using BeautifulSoup and Requests lib.



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